Ground Penetrating Radar - GPR

We provide services for Concrete Radar, Concrete X-ray and Utility Locating. It can be hard to find a reliable and trusted contractor when attempting to perform any construction project. There are many people just looking to make a quick buck by promising more than they deliver and by using substandard building materials. American Engineering Laboratories (AEL) has slowly built a reputation of excellent craftsmanship over the years because trust is earned. With each Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) project we have taken on, we know that it is not only a job but a chance to display our skills, and build our reputation.


Years of Experience

American Engineering Laboratories is an innovative contracting firm with an excellent history. Privately owned and based in the City of La Habra, California. We are dedicated to providing prompt, accurate, and cost effective solutions that exceed client expectations. Safety on our client's jobs is our #1 goal.


Certified Contractors

At AEL we are committed to providing top quality service with a level of precision and professionalism that can't be beat. We ensure engineering best practices while simultaneously working side by side with our clients guaranteeing a prompt and quality service.


Superior Service

We pride ourselves on getting the job done right the first time. Our strong blue collar values are reflected throughout all of our projects. Only at American Engineering Laboratories can you receive the attention to detail of a skilled carpenter coupled with the precision and excellence of a seasoned contractor.


Concrete X-Ray

Do you need a high level of detail to know what is below concrete or inside walls? You may need the high level of detail that concrete x-ray can give you.  Depending on what you are searching for or the complexity of the job.

GPR provides an adequate level of detail for concrete cutting or coring. However, in high risk situations where mistakes cannot be made, the higher level of detail obtained using X-Ray technology is what you need. This is why AEL has teamed up with the best X-Ray companies in the Southern California. Our team will be onsite to oversee and assist the X-Ray technician assuring the project runs flawlessly. The decision about which test method is best for a given situation depends on a variety of factors including objective, location, building use, and level of detail required. Our staff will discuss your specific project requirements with you in advance so we can create a test solution that balances your need for detail with budget considerations and time constraints.

Are you needing expert level concrete scanning services in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego? We offer concrete X-Ray Services in all of Southern California.  We can get in and get the job done with our expert concrete X-Ray services team.

This is used when the Ground Penetration Radar method is unable to resolve certain indications or when accessibility is limited.  Depending on the client need and project conditions, we will develop the most cost effective solution using Concrete Radiography X-Ray along with other non-destructive testing methods while ensuring accuracy of results.


Utility Locating

When finding utilities on a job site we like to use a combination of methods. By using multiple methods, it allows us to be extremely accurate in finding underground utilities. A Direct Connect method involves our technician directly connecting a transmitter to a hard line. The line sends a direct signal to the technician wherever he or she may be on the job site. A Sonde method is when we induce a locatable line into the utility, we then proceed to find the path of the line above the surface. A passive method is used to find live power transmitted by a buried electrical utility. When utilities are located, our technicians use industry standard colors to mark them directly on the surface. If a non-permanent paint needs to be used this is not a problem. When paint is not permitted in cases like finished decorative surfaces or high traffic customer areas, we can use chalk, wax or other marking materials. Flags and whiskers are also used in areas such as grass or dirt when paint markings will not last.

Private Utility Locating can be used to detect:

  • Communication Lines
  • Electric Lines
  • Lines
  • Underground Pipes
  • Water Lines

Concrete Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (G.P.R)

AEL specializes in the latest Ground Penetrating Radar (G.P.R) technology. G.P.R technology can be utilized to image both concrete slabs and walls, and can accurately locate metallic and non-metallic reinforcement and pipes in and below concrete slabs.

Our highly trained technicians can help you locate and map the positions of rebar, Post-Tensioned cables, conduit, voids, reinforcing steel, and other near-surface anomalies. We give you a safe place to drill – keeping your project safe, on budget and on schedule.

In addition, G.P.R can detect flaws in concrete structures. We have experience in detecting the absence of grout in concrete block walls, and missing rebar. We can verify slab thickness and determine the depth of material cover on reinforcement. G.P.R emits very low energy high frequency radar waves (unlike the gamma rays used in X-Ray radiography). This allows G.P.R to be used in buildings while residents are still present. Unlike concrete X-Ray (radiography) G.P.R presents no risk to residents or technicians working in the test area because there is no radiation hazard. G.P.R is very fast, it allows for real time imaging results, unlike X-Ray. G.P.R works when there is only access to 1 side of a structure, requires only 1 technician, and is capable of performing in slab on grade situations. The equipment produces quick results and is capable of rendering a typical single scan of a 2’x2’ area in about 10 minutes.