AEL Team

A key element in our corporate mission is to ensure excellence and dedication in understanding our clients needs while successfully providing high quality results in a cost effective and timely manner.

AEL Portraits-2.jpg

Aida Klingfus

AEL Portraits-8.jpg

Albert Chatigny
Project Manager

AEL Portraits-5.jpg

Nancy Doan
Assistant Engineer

AEL Portraits-10.jpg

Richard Pedroza

AEL Portraits-1.jpg

Carey Klingfus
Vice President

AEL Portraits-9.jpg

Zack Klingfus
Business Development Manager

AEL Portraits-7.jpg

Pamela Rubi

AEL Portraits-12.jpg

Chaz Tucker
Lab Technician

AEL Portraits-6.jpg

Baylor Gibson
Civil & Geotechnical Engineer

AEL Portraits-3.jpg

Laura Bazurto
Field Services Manager

AEL Portraits-11.jpg

Coby Sjem

AEL Portraits-4.jpg

Dom Gauci
Lab Technician